Simplified Feng Shui Foundation Course

The Art Of Harmony Living For Everyone

Simplified Feng Shui Foundation Course

Simplified Feng Shui Course (5 Nights)

and Internet Marketing Course (2 Nights)

With easy to remember animation learning and formula

Feng Shui Foundation Course

Feng Shui Mastery Course

Only For Students Completed Foundation with Advance Level

Feng Shui Advance Course

Only For Students Completed Foundation Level

Feng Shui Course

Simple - Easy - Practical

Simple to share in class

Easy for students to learn and remember

Practical and easy to apply

With easy to learn animation and formula

Feng Shui Foundation Course

Module 1

  1. Introduction to the Art & Science of Feng Shui 风水.
  2. Introduction to Different School of Feng Shui
  3. What Is Five Elements 五形?
  4. How Yin Yang Combination with Five Elements 阴阳五行?
  5. What is Trigrams (Ba Gua) 八卦?
  6. What is River Map 河图?
  7. What is Luo Shu 罗书 and the placement in Luo Pan and how to use them?
  8. What is Flying Stars 飞星 and how to use them?
  9. What is Chinese Compass (Luo Pan) 罗盘?
  10. What is 24 Mountains 二十四山位?
  11. Ten Heaven Stem 十天干 and the placement in Luo Pan.
  12. Twelve Earth Branch 十二地支 and the placement in Luo Pan.
  13. All 24 Mountains placement 二十四山位 and where to find them?
  14. What is Ba Zhai (8 Mansion) 八宅 and how to use them?
  15. What is Purple Star Zi Bai Star 紫白星 and how to use them?
  16. Things To Do Before and When Feng Shui A House
  17. How To Use The LuoPan 罗盘

Module 2

  1. Identify when and how family members will be affected by Bad Three Killing San Sha 三煞. Your Question to... - Who will be affected? - When it will happen? - How the San Sha generated? - Where will it take place? - Why this happen? - How To Use Manual Calculation? - Where to find answers in LuoPan? - How to use Bazi to check who will be affected by Three Killing San Sha
  2. How to identified home external Sha.
  3. How Qi movement in Your Home
  4. Why Living Hall is Important
  5. How Qi is Generated and Accumulated and move inside the home
  6. The Central Sector of the Hall
  7. Where Staircase in home is Auspicious (Landed House)
  8. Why room door can affect person living Inside
  9. Why sector location in home is important

Module 3

  1. Seven Bed Arrangement methods for Healthy and Harmony for Couple and Single. - Is your sleeping position auspicious and supportive to both husband and wife? - Is your sleeping position assisting you in workplace with boss or customer's support? - Bed arrangement for childless couple who want baby in home. - Enhance healthy living with good sleeping position elderly, the weak and stability
  2. Five Remedies methods to solve home External Sha Qi. - What is Heaven Sha, Earth Sha & Form Sha
  3. Analyse home Qi and movement.
  4. How to applied big TaiJi and small TaiJi and why?
  5. Where is house wealth sector and how to enhanced the Qi. - Activate Bazi Wealth Sector.
  6. Where and how Stove Arrangement can prevent sickness and generate family harmony.
  7. How to activate where is Academy Sector for children and study adult.
  8. How to calculate when Bad Sha will affect family members. - Manual Calculation and Find In Luo Pan.
  9. Date Selection with Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu) for home renovation or moving-in to new home.
  10. Eight Must Know Condition by Feng Shui Master when using LuoPan at site.
  11. Learn to Read and Use Information in the LuoPan
  12. Check List for Before and When Feng Shui A House
feng shui course

3 Why's Simplified Feng Shui Course

Learn and apply Feng Shui can be simple when students understand the concept of Feng Shui with Bazi theory. Apply to every home or office. Tap of auspicious event like wealth, career, marriage and health. Avoid disaster and other inauspicious event for their family members. 

Make sharing Simple for Master and students to understand easier

Easy for students to learn and remember difficult ancient Chinese theory

Feng Shui application must be Practical and easy to use on every home and office

“B.E.S.T Learning Methods = Beneficial - Easy To Remember - Straight to the Point - Interactive Training Methods”

Wynn Liu -
Kelvin Goo
How To Remember Luo Shu 洛书 Star Position in 1 Minute
The 24 Mountains Placement Inside LuoPan 罗盘
Feng Shui Foundation Course Preview

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    1. Is these Simplified Feng Shui Foundation course for newbies, beginners or intermediate and above?

    A. Yes, it’s designed especially for Feng Shui course students from newbies, beginners to Master level. Without a good Feng Shui foundation, you will need to spend more time learning to analyse and determine a home Feng Shui Chart.

    2. What would I learn in this Simplified Feng Shui Foundation course?

    A. I have simplified from the traditional Feng Shui ancient formula for Simple to share, Easy To Learn & Remember without modifying the ancient Chinese theory

    3. How much is the Simplified Feng Shui Foundation course?

    A. We have a Feng Shui foundation course to Full Master Level (from Basic to Master Level) or just foundation course designed for students who need to build a strong foundation to understand the basic Feng Shui audit and analysis.

    4. How about using our latest Feng Shui 24 Mountains and 8 Mansions Apps only?

    A. The apps is Free for use at

    5. Can the student return for Simplified Feng Shui Foundation course revision?

    A. Yes, all our students are welcome for Free course revision within one year. Subject to seat availability and class schedule.

    6. Join our Facebook Group?

    A. All our students can join our Students FB Private Group.  It's for students to ask question and learn as a team. It’s not open to public. It will be weekly update with new tips & tricks about Chinese Metaphysics including Internet marketing ideas.

    7. Any student support or mentorship?

    A. Yes, all our course students are covered with One-year one-to-one mentorship by Jenson Goh.

    8. Do you do Feng Shui audit for your students?

    A. I don’t provide this to my students because you should be able to audit and analyse your home or office Feng Shui after attending the Full Master Level Course.