Are you fascinated by the mysteries of TaiYiShenShu 太乙神数?

TaiYiShenShu 太乙神数 one of the classic Three Mystic Arts 三式 in Chinese Metaphysics divination, along with DaLiuRen 大六壬 and QiMenDunJia 奇门遁甲.

It is used to predict macroscopic events about Heaven, the Earth and Man together with Time and Space like wars, natural disasters, personal destiny or other meanings of supernovae.

The Three Mystic Arts are:

  1. TaiYiShenShu 太乙神数: used to divine global events about Heaven, Earth and Man
  2. DaLiuRen 大六壬: used for daily divination of events
  3. QiMenDunJia 奇门遁甲: used for war strategic, military actions

Why is it considered an ancient classic Three Mystic Arts?

TaiYiShenShu is an ancient Chinese Metaphysics practised for more than 4,000 years. It was adopted into Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. It is an ancient mathematical system of fortune-telling for calculating an event or destiny. It was popularised over the centuries in China to predict personal wealth and fortunes, political growth, and military warfare events.

It is recorded that Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, even sought Zhang Kang 张康 for Tai Yi Shen Shu divination on his invasion of Japan in year 1,282 Gui Wei 癸未. He used this divination outcome to decide whether to proceed or not to proceed with his long-planned invasion of Japan. The divination outcome indicated that the invasion would be unsuccessful, and Kublai Khan decided not to proceed with Japan's invasion that year.

There are 144 Groups in the TaiYiShenShu chart with several energy rotating around these palaces. Each chart contains Divination Numbers which correspond with divination prediction and should be considered when reading a Tai Yi Shen Shu chart. They are…

  • the Host Divination Number
  • the Guest Divination Number

The Divination Numbers are numbers that appear in the TaiYiShenShu chart and it determines which are active palaces (and therefore which areas of life are influenced by that palace) and thus influence areas like their career, relationships and health aspects.

Through each divination, one can learn more about themselves, life circumstances, and any hidden problems. TaiYiShenShu is a very popular system in China and has been refined over many generations of collective knowledge from ancient books.

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