25 Tips & Tricks Learned On Bazi Course Online

Additional 25 Tips & Tricks in Bazi Course Online

Additional 25 Bazi analysis tips and tricks students learned Online can applied instantly

Simplified Bazi Course content
Simplified Bazi Course

What did students learn in the online Bazi course?

Day 1 Bazi Class (14 Feb 2020):

  1. Locate the focus point of Bazi analysis.
  2. Yin Yang 5 Elements
  3. The 6 different cycle effect
  4. birth cycle
  5. control cycle
  6. exhaustion cycle
  7. rebellious cycle
  8. over-produced cycle
  9. over contributed cycle
  10. The yin yang 5 element character
  11. The yin yang 5 elements talent
  12. How to read a person’s true character & hidden behaviors
bazi course
bazi course

Day 2 Bazi Class (15 Feb 2020):

  1. Traditional way to Plotting Bazi Chart with Hsia calendar
  2. Blindman method to plot the Bazi chart without the Hsia calendar.

Day 3 Bazi Class (16 Feb 2020): 

  1. A Simple method to remember Heaven Stem combinations & clashes 
  2. A Simple method to remember Earth Branch combinations & clashes
  3. A Simple method to remember the Hidden Heaven Stem inside the Earth Branch.
  4. How to find the Bazi Void (death & emptiness) in 10 seconds without Bazi chart or 60 Jia Zi table.
  5. What’s the difference between Wealth Star and Wealth Pot
  6. A Simple method to find & remember Wealth Pot
  7. A Simple method to find & remember Symbolic Stars in your Bazi with 12 stages life cycle
  8. Use 12 stages life Cycle to find symbolic stars, eg Sheep Blade, Peach Blossom, Traveling Horse, Heaven Virtual Nobleman, Void.
  9. A Simple way to remember the 12 stages of life cycle event
Simplified Bazi Practical Course

Day 4 Bazi Class (17 Feb 2020):

  1. Determine the strength of Bazi in a simple format (sharp & quick).
  2. How to read a Bazi with the combination of yin yang 5 elements, strength & weakness, Palace, 12 stages of the life cycle, symbolic stars
  3. A Simple method to find symbolic stars and application: Traveling Horse 驿马, Peach Blossom 桃花煞, Goat Blade 羊刃, Heaven Virtual Nobleman 天乙貴人.

Day 5 Bazi Class (18 Feb 2020):

  • 10 Gods Character & Talent
  • 10 Gods in different Palace and different element
  • What type of Bazi cannot save money

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