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What Are You Expecting In Summer 2020

What Are You Expecting In Summer 2020

This Metal Rat 庚子 has not been welcoming even before the start of Chinese New Year on 25 Jan 2020.
We celebrated Lunar New Year with fear on unknown enemy around us.

As we begin our Summer 2020 on 5 May 2020 in Si 巳 (Hsia Calendar), globally are all looking for a solution for not just Covid-19, but also for the world’s economy and the rising unemployment rates are a cause for concern. The world economy has lost min 50% of the value since Jan 2020. Many companies are seeking help from their government for support to keep their business alive.


So what are we expecting in the upcoming 3 months from now till 7th Aug 2020?

This year, the Tai Sui star is in the North together with Conflict & Argument Star 3 Green.
Do not have any massive or elaborate activity such as knocking off a wall or renovation at this sector. Keep is clean and quiet. This is because, once the energies for this sector is triggered, it will activate the inauspicious stars that will lead to bad events for those born in year of Rat or Horse such as accident, disaster, loss of job, loss of money, court case, bad luck, etc…

Those born in the year of Rat and Horse with home facing North or South have to be caution on their wealth and health.

How about the rest of Rat and Horse?

At the same time, everyone is definitely concern with their home wealth luck this year. With Year Wealth Star in the North-West sector, will it land in mountain of Pig, Qian or Dog? Most will want to tap on this auspicious Wealth Star to enjoy the year 2020 for positive career movements and receive unexpected windfall prize like lottery.

Everyone will be asking similar question to “will auspicious or inauspicious events happen to me and my family?

  • Who will it be?
  • When will it happen?
  • Why does it happen?
  • Where will it come from?
  • How can I receive auspicious event and avoid inauspicious event?
  • Which is more important to me and my family?

All your answer to above questions are found in your Bazi and Feng Shui. How can you benefit from this information to your advantage as you prepare for this summer?

Stay healthy and family togetherness as we journey through Summer 2020!

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