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Bazi Chart Plotting with Fingers and Numbers in 6 Easy Steps

6 Simple Steps To Plot A Bazi Chart with Fingers and Numbers without Apps and Hsia Calendar 万年厉

During dinner meetup, if your friend ask if you could help to analyse his Bazi luck and you do not have with you a Hsia Calendar 万年厉 or your mobile phone battery is flat. At this moment, would you wish that simple mathematics with finger calculations can do it plotting.

I was caught in this situation once without both Hsia Calendar 万年厉 and my mobile battery is dead. Luckily I was able use simple fingers and mathematics to plot his Bazi to analyse his luck in 2019. I know the importance of having this knowledge and it will be useful one day.

After the analysis, he was impressed with my analysis accuracy about his past, his present luck and future forecast reading was in path with his intention and direction.

I decided to teach all my Bazi course students from day one of my Bazi teaching career. Those bad with numbers will find the lesson tough but mostly find it easy and fun to learn.

So in my 6th Bazi Intake on 28 June 2020 lesson (live online coaching), like normal class lesson, I taught them the 8 steps to use fingers and simple mathematics to plot Bazi and luck cycle from given date and time of birth with gender.

Surprisingly on 2 July 2020 (after my internet marketing coaching), we decided to look back at a set of Bazi to analyse. Then we started to calculate and converted the Bazi chart back to original date and time of birth, the gender and also the first luck cycle starting age. We only have this bazi without luck cycle or gender but we still managed to follow 6 easy steps to plot the date and time of birth.

Bazi Chart Plotting with Fingers and Numbers
Bazi Chart Plotting with Fingers and Numbers in 6 Easy Steps

Above picture is the Bazi use in live class demo. They are now confidenced to analyse a bazi chart without apps and Hsia calendar.

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