Simplified Feng Shui Foundation Course


Simplified Feng Shui Course 

12 Days Simplified Feng Shui Foundation Course

Bonus 2 Days Internet Marketing Course – Learn to build your Feng Shui and Bazi Business Online

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Simplified Feng Shui Course

  • A good foundation link for students to understand the basic Feng Shui.
  • Learn and apply Feng Shui in your home or in your client’s home to prevent disaster and other inauspicious events. Tap on auspicious energy and wealth star for yourself and your family members.
  • Find and activate your home wealth sector with simple Feng Shui application
  • Understand why a couple can’t have a baby, always quarrel at home, one spouse always begins bullied, bad health…
  • Locate and activate important Qi for family members
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Case study
  • Free FB GRoup support
  • Monthly Free online class
  • Duration – 12 class lesson (3 hours per lesson online)

Feng Shui Course in 3 Modules

Module 1

1. Introduction to the Art & Science of Feng Shui 风水

2. What Is Five Elements 五形

3. How Yin Yang Combined with Five Elements 阴阳五行

4. What is Trigrams (Ba Gua) 八卦

5. What is River Map 河图

6. What is Luo Shu 罗书 and Their Placement in Luo Pan & How To Use Them

7. What is Flying Stars 飞星 & How To Use Them

8. What is Chinese Compass (Luo Pan) 罗盘

9. What is 24 Mountains Placement 二十四山

10. 10 Heaven Stem 十天干 and Their Placement in Luo Pan

11. 12 Earth Branch 十二地支 and Their Placement in Luo Pan

12. All 24 Mountains Placement 二十四山位 & How To Find Them

13. What is Ba Zhai (8 Mansion) 八宅 & How To Use Them

14. Xuan Kong Fei Xing 玄空飞星

15. What is Purple Star Zi Bai Star 紫白星 & How To Use Them

16. Things To Do When Feng Shui A House 

17. What is Feng Shui Void 空亡

18. How To Use The LuoPan

19. Auspicious Items That I DON’T USE To Feng Shui Home



Module 2

1. Identify When & How Your Family Members Affected by Bad Three Killing (San Sha) 三煞 in Home.

    – Your Question to Who? When? How? Where? Why? 

    – How To Use Manual Calculation?

    – Where to Find Answers in LuoPan 罗盘?

    – How to Use Bazi To Check Who Will Be Affected By Three Killing (San Sha)

2. How to Identified House External Sha Qi

3. How Qi Movement in Your Home

4. Why Living Hall is Important

5. How Qi is Generated & Accumulated and Move inside the House

6. The Central Sector of the Hall

7. Where Staircase in Home is Auspicious (Landed House)

8. Why Room Door Can Affect Person Living In

9. Why Sector Location in the House is important


Module 3

1. Seven Bed Arrangement Methods For Healthy & Harmony Sleeping Position for Couple & Single.

    – Is Your Sleeping Position Auspicious to Husband & Wife?

2. Five Remedies Methods To Solve House External Sha Qi.

    – What is Heaven Sha, Earth Sha & Form Sha

3. Analysis Of The House Qi & Qi Movement

4. How & When To Applied Big TaiJi and Small TaiJi

5. Where & How To Enhanced the House Wealth Sector

    – Locate and activate home Wealth Sector 

    – Locate and activate home Wealth Sector with yearly flying stars

    – Locate and activate home Wealth Sector With Bazi

6. Where & How Stove Arrangement Can Prevent Sickness and Disharmony in Harmony

7. Where & How To Activate Academy Sector for Children and Study Adult.

8. When & How To Calculate Against Heaven & Earth Bad Sha In The House That Can Affect Family Members

    – Manual Calculation & Find In Your Luo Pan

9. Date Selection with Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu) To Renovate Your Home or Moving Into Your New House

10. Eight Must Know Condition for Feng Shui Master when using the LuoPan at site

11. Things To Do when Feng Shui a home – Before & on-site

12. Step-by-Steps to Feng Shui audit a home workshop


** With easy to remember animation learning and formula

simplified feng shui foundation course

Bonus 2 Days Internet Marketing Course (Condition Applied)

  • Facebook Page Marketing,
  • Facebook Group Marketing
  • Simple Google SEO
  • Video Marketing.


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