Simplified Bazi Course


Simplified Bazi Course

5 nights Bazi Course with 2 nights Internet Marketing Course

Simple to Share, Easy To Learn, Practical to Use and Shorter Learning Time with handy 39 Bazi Analysis Checklist

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Simplified Bazi Course (Beginner to Master Level)

Online Simplified Bazi Foundatin Course

10 Nights Simplified Bazi Course

  • A good foundation for students to understand the fundamental Bazi analysis.
  • Learn to read a person’s characters, hidden talent & skill, hidden ambition & hidden motive
  • Find & activate personal wealth sector with simple Feng Shui application
  • Locate some important Shen Sha 神煞 and 12 Stages of Luck Cycle 十二长生 Bazi Coursein few minutes
  • Analyse a Bazi in 7 ways
  • Calculate Bazi Chart without Apps and 10,000 years calendar
  • Live case study or inquiry from students case
  • Basic QiMen Bazi
  • New topic – Using Bazi to analyse feng shui (only for students who completed both Bazi & Feng Shui)
  • One Year Personal Mentorship
  • Free monthly bonus class lesson on Bazi analysis new tips and tricks
  • Free re-sit for all students


2 Nights Internet Marketing Course

  • Facebook Page Marketing,
  • Facebook Group Marketing
  • Simple Google SEO with Good Ranking
  • Video Marketing.

Live Online Training Class.

  • Interactive Q&A to answer students doubt in Bazi analysis.
  • Live cases study use in class lesson
  • Group discussion
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live class lesson video recording for reviews
  • 39 Bazi Analysis Checklist to follow


1 review for Simplified Bazi Course

  1. fsbaziclub

    Master Jenson Goh Is A True Gem. Why I say so, well, I am a Master myself and even though he knew we’re in the same industry .. he Still teaches All with his heart Genuinely without any holding back. He truly wanted us to know more in order for us to assist our clients in a better future.
    His Basic Bazi Course is very much in Depth and once anyone had studied with him would definitely have a more Solid Foundation of Bazi. He not only teaches in Depth but also uses very Interesting slides and Simpler ways of remembering.
    I would encourage those who is still thinking of whether to take up this course, do enroll quickly before he breaks his Basic Bazi course into more levels. I am truly blessed to have met him and am very thankful to God for had led me to him across this big sea. Thank you for everything, you’re a true Gem – Zoe Kok

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