Simplified Bazi Practical Course Webinar Preview

Still finding hard to remember all the Bazi formulas like the Heaven Stem and Earth Branches combination, clashes & who's inside the Hidden Elements?

Course Content

  • Five Elements Relationship & Cycle
  • Simple ways to find Earth Branch Hidden Elements
  • Heaven Stem and Earth Branch Elements Clashes & Combinations
  • 10 Deities & Six Deities
  • 12 Stages of the Life Cycle
  • Calculation of Bazi Strength and Weakness

Course Bonus

  • Plot Bazi Chart without Apps or Hsia Calendar 万年厉 In 8 Simple Step-by-Step Mathematics Methods.
  • Read Bazi in Easy Format
  • Find Symbolic Stars in few seconds
  • Animation Video support
  • One-On-One Mentorship
  • Facebook Private Group

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